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uNtouE sTEtL DEStCNS 082-89'1 -3454 QUANTUM CARPFIS (01 2) 991-6467 The site presented a challenge in that the street boundary was much wider than the perimeter of the site. lt was therefore necessary to position the house to the front of the site to accommodate a large back garden and a swimming pool, which the clients ARIUS N/EYER AND Ouintin le Roux were commissioned to design the architectural elements of this inspiring home. The clients' brief required that the house was to be open, white and bright with a distinct modern Mediterranean essence. lncorporating modern materials with a high-tech approach, Marius and Quintin artfully designed this home, which requested. Central to the design's dramatic impact, a beam and column extension adds a bold and innovative spirit to the architectural style. Marius Meyer was inspired to do something unconventional with this aspect of the archi- stands as an exuberant celebration of shape and style, tecture. He explains that the traditional beam and column e)dension doesn't usually feel like it's a part of the house, but rather features as an extra element, With this home, he deslgned the features in so that the triangular shape of the roof and the column form part of the roofline, becoming an integral part of the home. The result is a crisp, minimalist appeal with dynamic architectural lines and elegantly styled form. Taking advantage of the clients' request for a light and open effect, large volumes of glass were incorporated into the fagade, complemented by natural anodised aluminum frames, which emphasise the r'.( zt! rt. Unique Steel Designs customdesigned and manufactured this concise and modern stainless steel balustrade. The company specialises in manufacturing balustrading and functional metal products for both interior and exterior applications. With an emphasis placed on quality and distinction, Unique Steel Designs brings a fresh dynamic to all its projects. Sii*tJ$i fl,l*ll"l: Quantum Carpets supplied and installed the wall-to-wall carpets in this classic setting. A medium level cutpile in Tuscany cane manufactured by Belgotex with a heavy .s.#{.}tJil L[5j'tr: 'A residential grading of three was used. The company installed its standard application of 1000 grams per square metre of underfelt to ensure maximum luxury and comforl {-llflTr Homely sophistication kitchen. Houo Ownon sept,/oct 2002 SA 72 is inviting in this