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INTRODUCTION T hank you and welcome to the October 2016 edition of Modern Business Magazine, Australia’s premier business lifestyle magazine. We have put together another packed edition of Modern Business Magazine with contributions from some of Australia and New Zealand’s most respected business minds - plus selected international contributors. Modern Business Magazine contains special features, information, tips and advice on how to supercharge your business and your life. Contrinutors Gabrielle Dolan Janine Garner Holona and Trish Lui Apoorve Dubey John Sikkema Stacey Barr Alison Hill Robyn Haydon Shawn Callahan Muffy Churches Simon Dowling Jenny Brockis Steve Simpson Michael Bunting Amantha Imber Gaia Grant and Andrew Grant Michael McQueen Jennifer W. Dinehart Alan Manly Publisher is Onnero Operations Pty Ltd Address, Level 4, 1 Queens Road Melbourne Victoria 3004, Australia Advertising Enquiries: 1300 735533 (within Australia), +613 98638086 (international) [email protected] Editorial, Media Releases and Article Submission: [email protected] From sales & marketing to supply chain & logistics, almost every business role and function now relies on data, so in this feature Shawn Callahan explains how to grab the attention of decision-makers and inspire them to act based on the data. With the recent focus on innovation by our politicians, Gaia and Andrew Grant pose the question “Is Australia really an innovation nation?’ International speaker and author Steve Simpson looks into the effect of culture on customer service and entrepreneur & philanthropist John Sikkema discussed how to engage your team by leading with purpose. Gabrielle Dolan has also given her 4 types of stories you need to blitz your next job interview and Holona Lui looks at why communication is just the beginning of understanding when it comes to the modern cross-cultural workplace While the topic of what constitutes good and effective leadership continues to be debated, what cannot be ignored is the potential role neuroscience has to offer in enhancing leadership development based on the physiology of the brain. Renowned brain fitness expert Dr Jenny Brockis looks into why brain health and the science of high performance thinking can boost performance in four key areas; problem solving and decision making, emotional self-regulation, working well with others and facilitating change. We also have some great contributions from a selection of world class entrepreneurs and experts covering topics from leadership, sales & marketing, human capital, technology & innovations and much, much more; giving you the systems and strategies that make you and your business smarter. Mark Matthews Mark Matthews - CEO Onnero 4 ModernBusiness October 2016