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For The Long Run crew members celebrate another successful race outing .

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Since its inception in 2019 , For The Long Run in Fisantekraal , just outside Durbanville in the Western Cape , has been on a remarkable journey to help individuals become better humans , friends , parents , family members and colleagues , all through running . Christine Le Roux , who founded the non-profit organisation and running crew with husband Gerhard , explains how it all works .
Sunday morning training runs in Fisantekraal have become a weekly thing .

On any given Sunday in the rural Fisantekraal area , on the outskirts of the northern suburbs of Cape Town , a group of runners meets at the local high school for a training run . As the sun rises , these dedicated runners set out , usually running 10 to 15 kilometres , or sometimes longer runs of 30-plus kilometres , as they prepare their bodies and minds for an upcoming race . These runners are members of the For The Long Run crew , many of whom have come from humble running beginnings and gone on to run marathons and even ultra-marathon , and their collective enjoyment and sheer pleasure from running is infectious .

We ’ ve all been through what I call “ tough stuff ” in life , and that applies to Gerhard and I , but in the process our individual healing journeys , we discovered a love for running . We both used this to fuel our recovery , and to build resilience , grit and determination to be better versions of ourselves , and when we met in 2019 , we decided to ‘ pay this passion forward ,’ by teaching others about the healing power of running , and to demonstrate that sport can change lives for the better .
We initially reached out to the community in Fisantekraal , to establish relationships with key leaders from churches , sports clubs , schools and other NPOs . The idea was to offer training sessions twice a week at the local high school , and to donate second-hand running shoes to those in need , so they could start running and join the “ fit gang ,” as opposed to the other social options in the area . ( Christine is a certified running coach – Ed .)
At the core of our organisation lies the belief that everyone has the capacity to become a better version of themselves , regardless of their situation . Through
Gerhard and Christine Le Roux with two of the runners , Lucky and Ennocent .
our various programmes and initiatives , we endeavour to equip Fisantekraal ’ s community members with the necessary tools and support to discover their hidden talents , develop resilience , and ultimately , enhance their lives . Our running programmes not only encourage physical fitness and mental wellbeing , but also act as a platform for social engagement and personal development . By uniting people through a mutual passion for running , we cultivate a powerful sense of camaraderie , shared purpose and mutual assistance .
Quick pic break during a Sunday training run .
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