Modern Athlete Magazine Issue 152 August 2022 | Page 44


The Ultimate First Marathon

In 1987 , after recovering from a serious car accident , I decided I needed less work and more adventure in my life , so I applied to be part of the inaugural running of the Everest Marathon in Nepal . Starting at Everest Base Camp above 5000 metres of elevation , it was billed as the world ’ s highest and toughest marathon , ‘ running on the roof of the world ,’ and besides being my first ever marathon , it turned out to be the start of a wonderful running career ! – BY SCOTT MCIVOR
( Ed ’ s Note : Scott had very few photographs from the 1987 Everest Marathon , so we have sourced a number of more recent pics , including some from the 2019 Original Everest Marathon , to illustrate the race and Himalayan sights that he experienced )
Mount Everest , seen from the south , with Nepal in the foreground , showing the area in which Scott McIvor and others ran the first Everest Marathon in 1987
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