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As ugly as it is , learning is how we improve , because it is an opportunity for growth , and I have learnt many life lessons from endurance sports : 1 . Anything is possible , and we are capable of far more than we think . 2 . Always expect the unexpected – anything can happen … and that it is ok . 3 . Accept challenges with an open mind and grow through these challenges . 4 . People can make your dream a reality , or they can prevent it from happening . Having the right people in your corner makes a big difference . I am fortunate and grateful to have the right people in my corner . 5 . Always focus on the journey . Take each day as it comes and trust the process . 6 . Have the courage to start . I have found this very difficult in the current climate , and at times wanted to give up , but I didn ’ t , and I got there in the end . 7 . Attitude is everything . The right attitude helps in achieving goals .
I can ’ t stop smiling ! The coolest blazer in ultrarunning with the coolest belt buckle . I put the Western States Endurance Run medal beside my Comrades Marathon gold – lots of gritty friends and memories in this box to keep her company . There are many more great moments to come ! – Camille Herron , USA
Having met and interviewed Camille ( read it here ), I know how much she truly treasures her Comrades Marathon win , even amongst all her many other running achievements , including wins and World Records , and it ’ s fantastic to see her flying the Comrades flag so proudly over in the USA . – Ed .
If there is one thing that stood out at the second Western Province Cross Country League 2 , it was seeing Bulelani Bhebha run his final lap and a group of youngsters running beside him , chanting for their coach at the top of their lungs . His reason to run . And a most memorable moment . Go , Coach ! – Ant Lewis , Cape Town
As in life , endurance sports take time , commitment , passion , dedication and persistence , and at the end of the day I know I can make my dream a reality . – Craig Thomson , Stellenbosch
So true that endurance sport teaches us lessons along the way . I can still recall races I ran nearly 30 years ago that taught me not only running lessons , like pacing and nutrition , but life lessons , too , like humility and patience … and those lessons have stayed with me ever since . – Ed .
Bulelani is one of those irrepressible spirits of the sport , always smiling and joking , so I ’ m not surprised that his athletes not only look up to him , but support him so passionately when he runs himself . As you say , Ant , Go Coach ! – Ed .
Celebrating Global Running Day in June made me realise again that running has changed me , both physically and mentally . It has forced me to evolve and become more than I ever thought was possible ! This pic shows me at Comrades in 2015 … a place and a race that I had only seen on TV , but there I was running on hallowed SA running ground , following in the footsteps of the greats before me , and trying not to let the emotion of the day get to me ! Just another guy from the streets of Bonteheuwel , leaving the past behind , even for just a moment . A past of guns , drugs , alcohol and unnecessary violence .
Every finish line is different , and is not the be-all and end-all , it ’ s a milestone in this thing called life . I have therefore taken some time to reflect on my effort at Ironman 70.3 Durban , because I was disappointed . The result didn ’ t look anything like what I had visioned , even though the medal is still the same .
Lately , I have questioned myself numerous times why I do endurance events . I continually ask the question , “ What is the point ?” For me , I know it is not the medal or the result , it is the process of having a plan , working towards that plan , and seeing the result . Some days the plan works out , and sometimes we learn , as hard as it is .
Running with thousands of strangers for 90km just to get a little medal at the end … but the medal is not the important thing on this run . No , it ’ s the experience , and the journey to get there , that is the true gold . So go forth and find your reason to run . Whether it ’ s 5km or 100 miles , do it because you love the way it makes you feel ! And may running bring you as much joy as it has brought me . – Peter Moses , Cape Town
More inspiring words from a craftsman of running penmanship . Speaking of which , wonderful to have PJ Moses back in the mix in this edition as a features writer . – Ed .
Images : Courtesy Bulelani Bhehba , Camille Herron , Craig Thomson & Peter Moses
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