Modern Athlete Magazine Issue 143, July 2021 July 2020 - Page 51


Virtuosity and Fresh Beats

Known for changing the face of instrumental music in South Africa and beyond with their extraordinary fusion of virtuosity and fresh beats , Sterling EQ boasts five successful releases , more than 1000 live performances since 2008 , and thousands of followers worldwide . They have performed in 15 countries and for live audiences of up to 40,000 , and on live broadcasts to millions of global television viewers . Sterling EQ proudly boasts a South African Music Award and a Ghoema Music Award , as well as various further nominations .

Click here to watch Sterling EQ perform one of their smash hits , Sarabande .
The multiple award-winning instrumental pop group is made up of celebrated flautist Carina Bruwer who is also well-known for her record-breaking marathon swimming feats , ace violinist Luca Hart and the enchanting Ariella Caira on cello – three classically trained virtuosos with dozens of awards , degrees and distinctions between them , who share a passion for the latest beats and pop sounds . future , because I believe that everything we do with positive intentions has positive energy around it ,” says Carina .
The Sterling EQ trio of ( from left ) Ariella Caira , Carina Bruwer and Luca Hart
Happily , that positive outlook permeated the whole project , and Carina ’ s swim made the front page of various newspapers , celebrating her remarkable ‘ first ’ crossing of Walker Bay . Even better news was that the fundraising effort really paid off , and at the time of this interview Carina had raised R150,000 , and was hoping to raise more and get to R200,000 . “ The plan is to give R10,000 each to 20 families , following an application process for performers , artists and people who work on stage or behind the scenes . I know that will alleviate the financial pressure and worries of 20 families that were feeling hopeless , and it is amazing to be able to give back to an industry that has given me so much .”
“ I am actually surprised just how successful this swim and fundraising project has been , and that ’ s why I say it is one of my most memorable swims thus far … how I got there , the people involved , and going from lockdown and my own space , to going out there and doing something meaningful to help others . I think we underestimate how much life has changed during this pandemic , and how badly the people around us have been affected . Hopefully this at least helps some of them .
Missing the Music
Carina has been a serious musician since the age of 8 , and says it took years and years of practice as well as entrepreneurial spirit to get to the point that she could make a career out of music and earn a living from it . “ My brother was a ‘ wundekind ’ on the piano , and I was never as good as him , but I moved on to flute in high school and really enjoyed playing with others . I studied musical performance , but realised I was not going to find work easily , as I didn ’ t want to play in an orchestra or teach , so I started my own business , built around events , and grew that until I