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Dreaming of 13 Peaks

Team Peak Peeps starts the first climb on Lions Head
Over a year of planning and dreaming and it came down to this day … the day I went for it ! My team of five turned dreams into reality as we completed the 13 Peaks Challenge in 32 hours 33 minutes , without sleep and with the most incredible team , support and seconders we could ask for . – BY DAWN NUNES ( WITH SEAN FALCONER )

The 13 Peaks Challenge is Ryan Sandes ’ trail adventure , where you start at Signal Hill and tag 13 peaks , in a specific order , to finish the circle back at Signal Hill . It ’ s approximately 106km with peaks ranging from 348m to 1082m , with a total of more than 6500 vertical metres of climbing , so this is not something to take lightly . As Ryan writes on the event website , “ Completing this Challenge will not get you a prize . You will have an experience of camaraderie , pushing your limits , moments of doubt , awe and elation , and

Celebrating at Maclears Beacon
Dawn Nunes
Images : Jared Paisley and courtesy Dawn Nunes
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