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Live Well

Getting Them Fit & Healthy

He ’ s competed in many competitions and been featured on fitness magazine covers , but these days he gets a bigger kick out of seeing the healthy transformations of his clients . Meet Nick Robert , one of the seven new coaches and experts we ’ ve signed up to contribute to our new Live Well section . – BY SEAN FALCONER

Nick Robert is a passionate guy . Get him

talking about his family and you soon see how much his wife Michelle and two kids mean to him , like when he talks about newly born daughter Mila Michelle , and how his three-yearold son , Gio Sky , is showing a real aptitude for soccer . “ He started kicking a ball at two and can kick it dead straight . I know he is starting young , but he is a natural – he can already header the ball !”
Another thing that Nick is passion about is fitness and health , as you quickly find out when you ask him about the training philosophy he employs with his clients at East Coast Transformations in Durban , as well as online . “ Fitness is more than training and nutrition , it evolves a person ’ s emotion and confidence , both at home and in the workplace , creating positive influence in the way in which we communicate with one another and grow together ,” says Nick .
“ I think of health as a gift – to be able to wake up each day with the blessing of a healthy life and to pass on that healthy knowledge to family and loved ones . I also believe in bringing the positive influence in your life to create positive change , so my aim is to build up confidence , to rid insecurity and build security within ourselves , and to create an overall happy healthy lifestyle .”
The Business of Fitness
Nick ( 33 ) was born in Durban , but both his parents are originally from Mauritius . After school , he completed an Honours degree in marketing , qualified as a CNCcertified nutrition coach and NASM sports medicine practitioner , and also did a qualification in correctional therapy . From the age of 18 to 25 he worked in sales , marketing and brand management , then opened his sports medicine and dietetics business in 2014 .
In December 2019 he also launched Rush Nutrition , producing locally manufactured WADA-approved supplements . “ One of our products is Glycorush , a glycogen-replenishment 6-in-1 product that is designed for performance or long-distance athletes who need hydration and vitamins , etc , to endure long runs . Our products are designed by athletes for athletes , or moms , and not just body-builders .” whole picture . That also features strongly in my work as a life coach , where I work with addicts to start with mental change that allows the bonus of physical change .”
Nick says that about 80 % of his clients are focused on wellness , versus body building clients . He explains that body builders focus on a large base of calories and protein to increase muscle density , and their nutrition plan requires a lot more strictness , and little enjoyment of meals . In contrast , wellness clients are more often guys who can only train three to four times a week due to their jobs and family commitments , and can ’ t get in six meals a day .
“ For them , the focus must be flexibility in their nutrition plan , but must still meet their daily needs for carbs , fat , fibre and fat intake , and must work handin-hand with a training programme that is customised to toning and lean muscle gain . They have no need for an excruciatingly high protein intake , as their bodies won ’ t be able to process it . Instead , the body will convert it to fat ,” says Nick .
One of the positive results of his career is the focus Nick has put on his own health and wellness – a good thing considering he broke his back playing rugby when he was 19 . “ I had two major spine reconstructions , and today I am surprised I can bend , but that is largely thanks to the good strengthening and rehab work I ’ ve done over the years ,” he says .
These days , when not working or spending time with the family , Nick enjoys surfing and skateboarding ... but is a bit wary of cleaning the pool . “ Believe it or not , I used to compete as a sponsored skateboarder , in spite of my size ,” he says . “ But I have to be a bit more careful these days , because besides my back , three months ago I tore my Achilles and two ligaments in my ankle in a freak accident while cleaning the pool !”
Accessible Plan of Action
Getting back to training , Nick says his first role as a coach is to do a SWOT analysis of a new client , then create a sustainable solution for the client in order to get into shape mentally and physically . “ There is no such thing as a generic training programme , as everybody has their own external variable factors , for example prior injuries , so I need to understand the
“ In other words , these are more lifestyle-based programmes that an average guy or girl can follow and still get results . And I need to ensure the programme doesn ’ t intimidate clients and readers . They don ’ t like the word diet , so I need to promote structure and balance , and that you can still enjoy food . Some people are used to eating fast food and junk every day , but you don ’ t need to change your world entirely to bring about change .”
To find out more about Nick and sign up with East Coast Transformations , visit https :// ectfit . co . za .
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