Modern Athlete Magazine Issue 127, February 2020 - Page 3

CONTENTS WARMING UP 4 .........Editor’s Letter: Blown Away 6 .........Have Your Say: Letters from our readers COLUMNS 14 10 8 .........Kalmer’s Corner: My Love For Running 16 .....The Running Mann: Scratching a Seven-year Itch 22 .....Sport Man Says: The Transfer Market 28 .....Anel’s Walk This Way: Life Happens 35 .....Trail (Mis)Adventures: Let Me Entertain You 39 .....PJ’s Piece: Re-Mastering the Track TRAIL RUNNING 30 .....Icy Adventure in Antarctica: Mauritz Jansen van Rensburg ROAD RUNNING 10 .....The Good Things Guy: Motivator Brent Lindeque on the run 14 .....Fighting Fit & Fired Up: The remarkable Enie Manzini 20 .....Pssst, Want to Run a Guinness World Record? Odd running records RACE WALKING 27 .....Man of Many Talents: Reggie Crowster walks, runs and more... TRACK & FIELD 36 .....Going for Tokyo Gold: Akani Simbine’s date with destiny MULTISPORT 40 .....An Ironman at Last: Aussie success for Catherine van Staden COACHING CORNER 20 27 42 .....Training: Today We Rest – Recovery days are just as important 42 .....Nutrition: Fruitful Relationship – Get the right amount of good stuff 43 .....Body Science: Mechanics Before Shoes – Not just about cushioning AT THE RACES 44 .....Race Calendar: All your racing options from February into March The information, views and advice published in ‘Modern Athlete’ are the opinions of our various contributors – we recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to embarking on any training or exercise routine. Modern Athlete can accept no liability for any injury or loss due to the information carried in this publication. Copyright subsists in all work published in this publication. Any reproduction or adaptation, in whole or in part, without written permission of the publishers is strictly prohibited and is an act of copyright infringement which may, in certain circumstances, constitute a criminal offence. 3