Modern Athlete Magazine Issue 119, June 2019 | Page 3

CONTENTS WARMING UP 4 .........Editor’s Letter: Lore of Comrades 9 .........Have Your Say: Letters from our readers 28 53 COLUMNS 24 .....The Running Mann: The Final Frontier – Real Gijimas Ultra 35 .....Kalmer’s Corner: Comrades Time – Advice from a pro 36 .....Sport Man Says: The Way to the Top – Elites coming to SA 46 .....Norrie Out the Box: Time for a New Pacesetting Approach 62 .....PJ’s Piece: Trail is Life – Why the mountain matters 67 .....Anel’s Walk This Way: Walk Down Memory Lane – Race pics TRACK & FIELD 64 .....SA Qualifies for World Champs Relays: Success in Japan 66 .....A Few Extra Hurdles: Rikenette Steenkamp on the comeback ROAD RUNNING 14 .....The Reading Runner: Marukgwane Moremogolo’s books 20 .....Outrunning the Demons: Mugging survivor Phil Hewitt 28 .....Enjoy Every Minute: Michelle Williams at the back of the pack 40 .....30 Sounds Like Enough: Isaac Mabula’s ‘retirement plans’ 43 .....Running Recovery from Addiction: Recovery Foundation AC TRAIL RUNNING 53 .....Start Slow, Finish Strong: Ultra-Trailer Stuart McConnachie 58 .....We All Fall Down: Lucas R Adams on highs and lows of racing MULTISPORT 70 .....Coma to Ironman: James Lang’s remarkable recovery COACHING CORNER 74 .....Training: Go Get That Ultra PB – Set yourself up to succeed 74 .....Nutrition: Winter Fixes – 4 Ways to keep the comfort food 75 .....Body Science: Take a Day Off – When you simply MUST rest! AT THE RACES 76 .....Athletes in Action: Our readers at the races 78 .....Race Calendar: All your June racing options TRAINING PARTNERS 66 40 8 .........#RunClean: Think before you throw – or bite and spit! 12 .....Pacesetters: 2019 Comrades Pacesetters, with Bonitas 50 .....Two Oceans: News from the World’s Most Beautiful Marathon The information, views and advice published in ‘Modern Athlete’ are the opinions of our various contributors – we recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to embarking on any training or exercise routine. Modern Athlete can accept no liability for any injury or loss due to the information carried in this publication. Copyright subsists in all work published in this publication. Any reproduction or adaptation, in whole or in part, without written permission of the publishers is strictly prohibited and is an act of copyright infringement which may, in certain circumstances, constitute a criminal offence. 3