Modeling Colors - Page 6

Using PanPastel It’s so easy to use PanPastel - the colors are very forgiving to use and they can be corrected easily. Here are a few basic techniques to get started: Basic Instructions: LOAD Sofft Tool with color by swiping gently APPLY MIX Multiple colors can be loaded on Sofft Tool, on either side and/or the edges. over pan color surface 1-3 times. Do not dig into the color. Tip: swiping too many times will generate excess dust & waste. to create custom colors. Colors can either be mixed directly on the model surface or on a pan. color to model surface – achieve desired color coverage by building up layers. If the color application looks too heavy you can tone it down or remove easily (see “removing or changing colors”). TIPS FOR USING SOFFT TOOLS: - You may need to apply light (finger) pressure on the Sofft Tools to “push” color into surface. - Vary pressure to change amount of color applied. - Manipulate sponges / use edges for different lines & marks. EASY CLEAN-UP Cleaning Pan Surfaces: If a pan’s surface becomes contaminated with another color, “clean” pan by gently wiping away the contamination with a clean Sofft sponge or paper towel. Cleaning Sofft Tools: The same tool can be used with multiple colors - “clean” between colors by wiping on a dry paper towel.