Modeling Colors - Page 3

Kits Rust & Earth Greys, Grime & Soot Scenery Colors Weathering Colors Weathering Colors Landscape colors, for sky, earth and nature effects. Ref. 30703 For light & dark rust, earth, dust, mud & sand colors. Ref. 30701 For soot, smoke, ash, dust, rubble, grime, oil streaks, general wear & tear. Ref. 30702 Kit Contents (30701/2/3): 7 x Colors (see chart) 1 x Palette Tray 1 x Sofft Knife 5 x Sofft Knife Covers 2 x Sofft Sponge Bars l Mixable - mix & layer like paint to create custom colors l Low Dust - quick “no mess” alternative to powders & pastel sticks l Quick & easy - no drying or prep. time - instantly ready for use l Erasable - erase or clean off the color to change it (prior to fixing) l Ultra-fine - highly pigmented colors - it’s like using pure pigment l Realistic effects - colors are dry so don’t give a “painted on” appearance l Compatible - with other materials including spray flat finishes Palette Tray for 10 Colors (Sold Empty) Ref. 35010 FREE! Sofft Tools in All Kits Mediums Set Metallics Great for adding metallic effects. Mix with other colors for custom metallics. Ref. 30077 Contents: 6 x Metallic Colors 1 x Palette Tray 1 x Sofft Knife 2 x Sofft Knife Covers 1 x Sofft Sponge Bar 1 x Sofft Angle Slice Use Pearl Mediums to add sparkle/sheen to coal loads, as well as coke and iron ore. Colorless blender extends and “dilutes” the colors. Ref. 30005 Contents: 4 x Pearlescent Mediums 1 x Colorless Blender 1 x Sofft Mini Applicator 2 x Sofft Knife Covers 1 x Sofft Sponge Bar 1 x Storage Jar Kit/set contents may vary slightly depending on availability.