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Adjust Stairway To Ceiling Height
Adjust the stairs only after the floor beneath the stairs is finished . Adding or removing carpet or other flooring material will change the measurements for the length of the stairs . If final / additional flooring ( carpet , vinyl , etc .) is installed after stairway is installed , length adjustment will be necessary .
Fig . 7
Correct Fit
Step 8 – Apply pressure on the stairs to ensure the spring arms are fully extended . Slide the aluminum feet over the ladder rail . Position the feet so that the extended section remains straight and the feet are in full contact with the floor .
Fig . 8 – Correct Fig . 9 – Too Long Fig . 10 – Too Short
Step 9 – Check to make sure of proper length . The stairs should fit flush with the floor and all joints should be tight with no gaps ( Fig . 8 - 10 ).
If your stairway is too long with the feet adjusted as far up the ladder as possible , remove the feet and use a hacksaw to cut off enough material from the bottom section so that the proper fit is obtained once the feet are reinstalled . Be careful not to remove too much . Slide the feet back onto the stairway and test again .
Step 10 – Once fitted properly , drill through the hole provided in the feet into the ladder section . Secure the feet to the section with the bolts provided .
CAUTION : Do not use the stairway unless the stairs fit flush with the floor , and the joints are tight with no gaps . ( See Figures 8-10 ) Failure to adjust properly could cause undue stress on the stairway and could result in personal injury .
Trimming the stairway opening
Step 11 – Select a moulding and trim around the stairway opening . Allow a gap of approximately 1 / 8 " between the plywood panel of the stairway and the moulding .
Husky 1200 Opening And Closing Instructions
( Does NOT apply to Husky 800 ) To Open
1 . Using the auxiliary extension pole , insert the hook into eyebolt on the attic door panel and pull down until the door is completely open .
2 . Disconnect the pole from door and insert the hook into the slot of the mounted extension pole on the right side of the attic ladder .
3 . Pull until the mounted pole is within reach .
4 . Disengage the mounted pole from the pole retainer clip on the side of the attic ladder .
5 . Pull the mounted pole towards you until fully extended .
6 . Rotate pole clockwise to firmly lock into extended position .
CAUTION : Make certain the mounted extension pole is securely locked to prevent contraction during step 7 .
7 . Use the mounted pole to slowly unfold the ladder section toward you and use your other hand to help lower the section once it is within reach .
8 . Continue to unfold the attic ladder until the sections are in line with one another and form a straight line . Apply downward pressure on the climbing section to be sure the spring arms are fully open .
To Close
1 . Have an assistant hook the auxiliary pole into eyebolt on door panel and apply downward pressure on the panel door to keep it fully open .
2 . Use both hands to fold up the attic ladder starting with the bottom section . Raise the folded sections to approximately shoulder height .
3 . While securely holding the sections with your left hand , carefully grasp the mounted extension pole with your right hand .
4 . Use your left hand and mounted extension pole to raise the ladder sections until they are resting on top of the upper ( top ) section .
5 . Rotate mounted pole counter-clockwise to unlock . 6 . Push as far back into itself as possible .
7 . Snap the mounted pole back into its retainer clip on the side of the ladder .
8 . Insert the hook on the auxiliary pole into the slot of the mounted extension pole .
9 . Push until the mounted pole is completely contracted .
10 . Push the door up with the auxiliary pole until the springs engage and the door panel is completely closed .
11 . Unhook the auxiliary pole from the door and store in a safe place .
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