MOD Society Magazine Triangle Triangle: June/July 2022 - Page 28


A beautiful backyard pool can be both relaxing and refreshing . A variety of designs from modern to formal and simple to elaborate can complement the architecture of your home and fit seamlessly into your landscape . Whether you are planning for summer or thinking about a the cool water while at a favorite vacation spot , check out these pools for inspiration , and read about how to make your dreams a reality .
I love when clients have an idea , photograph or inspiration we can build on . What kind of elements do you want for your pool ? No matter how hot our summers are , I always recommend including a heater to extend your swimming season . Will your pool be used for exercise , for relaxation or for your children ? The answers to these questions will help decide the size and depth of your pool .
For adults who want to relax with a cool drink , we have incorporated pool shelves for your chaise lounge chairs and built-in benches along the pool edge , a perfect location to watch a spectacular sunset . Many of our clients , both those who are active and those who like to relax , enjoy having a spa with the pool . Some prefer a separate spa , and others like to have a spa incorporated as part of the overall pool design .
As with all our designs , the pool site should be part of the larger composition of your landscape . A pool may be adjacent to the house and include materials that complement the home ’ s architecture , or it may be in a private niche to get away from it all .
There are many choices for your pool color . You may choose colored plaster or a pebbletech finish . Tile and choice of coping can both make an impression as well . Other features to consider are lighting for nighttime dips and jets or water features that add a dimension to the pool , especially when it is not in use .
Lastly , do not forget to furnish your pool area . The right furniture and planters round out the design for the perfect pool setting .
- Jeff Allen , Landscape Architect www . jalallc . com