MOD Society Magazine Triangle Triangle: Dec/Jan 2021 - Page 30

CUSTOM WITH KARA photography by aura marzouk & micheal blevins

When homeowners hire me as their interior designer , one of the most important assets I bring to the project is the ability to connect the client with custom makers and craftspeople . Local Raleigh lighting designer Louise Gaskill and I have been collaborating for years on custom fixtures for clients .
Louise specializes in one-of-a-kind lighting made from vintage Murano glass . She reimagines Venetian glass that may have once been used as a vase or other object into unique and modern lighting . From sconces to chandeliers to table lamps , she hand builds each fixture in her Raleigh studio . Louise uses vintage metal fittings , crystal accents and Lucite details in partnership with hand-gilded arms and modern touches . The finished products are exquisite and unique lighting fixtures for my clients ’ homes .
Our design process is often driven by color and finding the perfect piece of glass to accent a room . From the body of a dining room chandelier to the perfect stack of glass and gilded accents on a powder room sconce , these pieces won ’ t be found in any other home . I love bringing clients with me to Louise ’ s studio or sending them progress pictures as we build the perfect fixture for them . This is the ultimate collaboration between two artists : One designing the lighting and the other designing the room in which it will live .
As a designer , I see Louise ’ s lighting as a future family heirloom . These functional pieces of art are great storytelling features for a homeowner . One of our favorite collaborations involved a chandelier for my brother and sister-in-law ’ s dining room in Raleigh . We worked together in Louise ’ s studio to select each piece for the chandelier , and as Louise was building the body of the fixture , she came across a vintage brass ram ’ s head stem . As we collectively stopped breathing , we knew we had built the perfect fixture for the biggest Tar Heel fans we know ! The chandelier reflects who they are and what they love . This is the level of collaboration and detail we aim to bring to every client . https :// www . karacoxinteriors . com / — Kara Cox