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Living in San Diego , Erin and Brian Miranda enjoyed the classic West Coast beach lifestyle — sun , sand and surf . This relaxed , chill vibe comes with living by the ocean in Southern California . They ’ ve cultivated that same aesthetic at their Greensboro home design shop , Seagrass .
Four years ago , Erin and Brian left California and relocated to North Carolina . After settling into the Triad , they opened an interior design and construction business to help clients refresh their homes . But two years ago , they realized they felt more drawn to the design side of their business than to the construction aspect . So they decided to open Seagrass , a home design shop in Greensboro .
Seagrass exudes an air of sophisticated coastal style — a clean , white space filled with gifts and decor in soothing neutrals and sea-inspired shades of blue and green . Pieces in Seagrass such as stone serving ware and woven baskets incorporate natural materials and contribute to the relaxed , nature-inspired aesthetic .
“ We have an organic , earthy vibe ,” Erin says . “ Chill and relaxed is what we want people to feel when they come in . And a lot of our pieces are one-of-a-kind and locally made , and some items are sourced globally .”
Choosing products that have a socially or environmentally conscious aspect is important to Erin and Brian . Many of the items they sell are fair trade , made by global artisans from countries such as Africa , Indonesia , Bali and Portugal , who are compensated fairly for their work . They also carry sustainable and recycled products , and the couple is dedicated to not only capturing the aesthetic of the sea , but to preserving the natural resource , as well .
“ We ’ re trying to be environmentally conscious ,” Brian says . “ We ’ re big in the Surf Rider Foundation , which is something that we ’ ve always been a part of . We want to save the coast — we want to do what we can .”
Along with selling decor pieces and gifts to walk-in customers , Erin and Brian work with interior designers and design clients to create custom spaces . They offer custom-order furnishings in addition to decor such as pillows , lighting and art .
“ We ’ ve found a little niche with design clients who want their second homes decorated — beach , mountain , lake — that type of thing ,” Erin says . “ We ’ ve gotten quite a bit of work with that . But I also have local design clients who are working on their own homes now after being home during COVID .”
Seagrass recently celebrated its one-year anniversary . Erin and Brian say they feel grateful for all the support they ’ ve received from the Greensboro community , as well as the greater Triad . And they ’ re excited to continue growing the business , offering more products for every room in the home . But while they plan to grow , Erin and Brian intend to maintain the friendly , welcoming vibe that Seagrass has become known for .
“ We want to have a small local business that offers something customers can ’ t get anywhere else . We want people to get to know us , feel welcome in our store and have a different experience ,” Erin says .
– Jennifer Bringle , editor-in-chief