MOD Society Magazine Triad: July/August 2022 Triad: July/August 2022 - Page 40

“ By day I would write about these crazy-rich people , and by night I would go to public housing and write about people who needed money for food or needed money to buy their children shoes ,” she says . “ I was writing about the opposite ends of society , economically speaking .”
While working on the weddings desk , Cate also experienced the breakup of her relationship with her college boyfriend . While initially devastated , a new friendship with a colleague at the Times eventually helped her move on . In fact , she ’ s still married to him today .
“ Breaking up with my boyfriend at the time and meeting and falling for my husband helped me have a perspective on what these people on the other side of the wedding announcements were going through ,” Cate says . “ I think asking them these questions , hearing about their weddings , hearing about their relationships , it gave me a deepened perspective on what I wanted from someone else and for myself .”
While pretty far removed from the 20-something woman writing about elaborate weddings , Cate says the experience still resonates as a reminder that good stories can be found even in unexpected places .
“ I was surprised by how instructive it was on a personal level and also on a journalistic level ,” she says . “ It ’ s funny because even though the wedding announcements are still some of the most highly read parts of the paper , people look down on them inside the newsroom . They ’ re not real journalism . They ’ re not investigative . They ’ re just about people getting married . But , to the people getting married , their families , their friends and to a large portion of society , they ’ re enormously important .”
– Jennifer Bringle , editor-in-chief