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Cooking isn ’ t the only way of expressing yourself in the kitchen ! Since the kitchen is the heart of the home , it ’ s the natural gathering place and home to many memories with friends and family alike . Why not put your stamp on it and make it fun ? Here are some tips for what to do and not do to put some flair in your kitchen .
Less is More There ’ s certainly a balancing act of keeping the kitchen kitsch functional and not tacky . The trick is to avoid overcrowding . If minimalist is your style , stick with that , and if you ’ re more eclectic at heart , express that with a few key pieces and build from there .
Begin Gradually Go for one or two key elements like an amazing hood over the stove , a ceiling light , or a backsplash . Note : Any island is incomplete without a statement light fixture . A fun tile backsplash is an easy way to add personality to any kitchen at a low cost — they can make a bold statement with patterns , textures or color .
Pick Your Palette If you ’ re starting with a blank slate , decide on a color palette and stick to it to avoid clashing . Introduce two key colors and focus on those while mixing neutrals . Popular cabinet colors right now are whites , earthy tones and natural wood tones .
Play with Patterns It ’ s easy to have fun with patterns on textiles such as window treatments , table linens , and towels . They involve less commitment and are easier to change if something feels off or you change your mind . Also , think about adding art in creative ways to up the color and pattern .
Express Yourself You want to inject personality , but I ’ d advise not adding more than one or two bold pieces and then build around them . Introduce textiles or plants , then layer with pieces from different eras . Other options would be to express yourself in permanent fixtures : counters , flooring , appliances , etc . White counters are still king , and if you are debating on kitchen flooring , remember you can never go wrong with solid hardwoods .
Decorating is a way to bring self-expression to life . Find joy in the process , and the end result is simply a bonus !
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– Kristen Haynes , Triad ’ s Finest