MOD Society Magazine May/June 2021 - Page 60


Like so many great ideas , this one started around a table , an outdoor teak table , to be precise , at High Point ’ s Cohab Space .
Here , a group of creative cohorts — friends , friendly competitors , neighbors , design pros and community visionaries — started assembling for Saturday morning meetups in March 2020 . Timing just might be everything . Just as the world started shutting down , this group was talking about opening up .
What emerged from the huddle is High Point x Design ( HPxD for short ), a vision of High Point as a year-round hub of design and creativity open to members of the trade , makers , creators , design enthusiasts and the community . High Point is famous for the twice annual High Point Market . What if the magic — this founding group dreamed — could be unbottled all year round ?


artistry , and expanding the accessibility of beautiful design and furnishings . “ That ’ s what excites me most about HPxD ,” he says . “ The positive energy and momentum it brings to High Point . We have so much happening here , with downtown ’ s revitalization , the baseball stadium and Congdon Yards . Opening up our showrooms for folks to visit during off-Market weeks is a great , fresh step that will further elevate the city and entire region .”
“ Year-round ” was a novel notion for High Point , which for more than a century has hosted the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world , twice a year . The weeklong spring and fall shows attract 75,000 to 80,000 visitors from all 50 states and more than 100 countries each season to buy , sell and market an array of furniture , home accessories and design services . The annual economic benefits are great : Nearly $ 7 billion in total economic output , more than $ 200 million in state and local tax revenues , and 42,000 North Carolina jobs .
Dudley Moore , president of Otto & Moore Furniture and chairman of the board for the High Point Market , was at the table and privy to the blue sky , breakthrough discussions . He is quick to credit the founding HPxD members , the brains behind such brands as 214 Modern Vintage , Branch Home , Cohab Space , Mill Collective , Mr . Brown London , Oly Studio , Randall Tysinger Antiques , Red Egg , Schwung Home , South + English , Splashworks , and Verellen . They saw what was possible and took action , setting HPxD in motion .
From the very start , Dudley says , HPxD has been about invigorating High Point , showcasing the region ’ s rich tradition of furniture-making and related crafts and
HPxD is the High Point Market ’ s biggest fan . The intent , planners explain , is to extend the positive exposure and economic advantage of the Triad ’ s design sector . “ The goal of HPxD is to mirror the bustle and vitality we see during Market to the other 50 weeks of the year ,” Dudley says .
The goal is one shared and championed by others . In February 2021 , the High Point Showroom Association became part of HPxD , combining membership , talent and energy to the cause of opening High Point .
The High Point Market Authority , chaired by Dudley and directed by president and CEO Tom Conley , is fully behind HPxD as well . HPxD aligns with and advances