Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 2 - Page 25

FEATURE — OCEANAIR ARRIVES OCEANAIR HAS DOCKED IN AUSTRALIA PRECISION, INNOVATION AND ELEGANCE Founded in 1990, Oceanair Marine Limited is the world’s leading supplier of blinds, shades, screens and soft furnishings in the marine market. The company supplies to internationally renowned brands in over 37 countries around the world, offering products of the highest quality and design to their customers. Oceanair has thrived in this industry due to their ability to deliver luxurious products that are flawlessly finished. With a team of designers that have years of experience under their belt, they have successfully honed their expertise developed across the oceans of the world. Oceanair’s superior skills, experiences and exceptional customer service has allowed the company to grow and service customers in various markets such as marine and recreational vehicles. In February 2017, Oceanair arrived in Australia and begun servicing our region. With luxury design solutions in hand, Oceanair hopes to create and strengthen the relationship it has with it’s consumers. Mobile living made easy. — 25 ­