Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 2 - Page 24

FEATURE — ­ THE LATEST INNOVATIONS THE LATEST INNOVATIONS systems. The built-in circulation fans ensures that all food and beverages are cooled quickly. Additionally, the fans provide even air distribution throughout the refrigerator, helping to eliminate any hot spots in the cabinet. All these features plus excellent performance in high and low ambient temperatures make the RUC 8408X an excellent choice for the harsh Australian climate. The Dometic RUC 8408X refrigerator is the way to go when seeking to maximise your kitchen area without compromising on storage volume. This is owing to it’s revolutionary designed tall and narrow cabinet. The RUC 8408X features a range of innovative storage compartments, such as a full-width crisper with humidity control, which will keep fruits and vegetables in the perfect environment throughout your entire trip. The bottom shelf can also be lowered at the back to securely store bottles and cans, and if this isn’t enough storage for all your drinks the refrigerator door shelving is specifically designed for storing bottles safely. Additionally, the freezer and refrigerator doors include shelving, giving you that extra storage. Aside from all these nifty features, the RUC 8408X fridge allows you to keep food fresh no matter where you travel, all thanks to it’s T-rated cooling 24 — MORE INFO FIND A DEALER