Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 2 - Page 18

FEATURE ­— PRO TOURING TV TEAM PRO TOURING TV TEAM TOP TIPS AND TRICKS FOR 4WDING T he team at Pro Touring Concepts are extremely passionate about 4WDs. They’re able to tailor and customize fit-outs so that you can travel to remote locations in comfort and style. The team’s passion has also resulted in a subsidiary company called ‘Pro Touring TV’, where they dedicate their time to sharing videos online; showcasing the various destinations they’ve travelled to; show the building of their tourers; and share tips and tricks on setting up 4x4’s, boats and other things for your trips away. Here are some of the best tips and tricks that the Pro Touring TV Team has for hassle-free 4WDing. Follow Pro Touring TV FACEBOOK 18 — YOUTUBE 1 Having an awesome 12V setup should be your first priority. After all, who wants to rock up to the campsite with warm beer? A decent 12V system will allow you to charge and run appliances just like you would at home! 2 Solar. Solar is free and easy to store. So, why not take the opportunity to use it? Gone are the days of whacking a house panel on the roof of your car to boost up the single lead-acid ba