Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 2 - Page 17

REEL ADVENTURES ­— IN THE WATER WITH AARON HABGOOD What is your favourite destination and why? My favourite destination is Eden in southern NSW. Such a beautiful coast with some fantastic fishing. With Marlin being my favourite species to catch, Eden is the place for me to do so. Where would you like to go and why? Exmouth in WA is a place that I really would like to go and the main reason is for the insane fishing it has on offer. Do you camp? What type of camping do you like to do and where?  I love my camping. From glamping, right through to a drop toilet; just depends if the other half is coming. I really enjoy camping anywhere along the coast or where there is water to have a good time in. Best tip or advice for when on the water/fishing? Speak to your local tackle store for advice or hire an experienced operator from the area. What product makes life easier for you when you’re out on the boat? The Dometic 55 L icebox is my most used product on the boat, from taking bait to keeping my catch cool and fresh. Best ‘go-to’ recipe when living mobile? Bacon and eggs!!!! Have you recently embarked on an adventure that you would like to share with all of us? I headed down to a place called Tumby Bay in South Australia to record a TV show and headed out 100 km to sleep on the islands where we had some of the best fishing I have experienced. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Keep catching fish and to enjoy the ride with Reel Adventures show!!! Other than Reel Adventures, what else do you love doing? I love getting out in the boat with my family and friends and enjoying the great outdoors we have on offer all around the coast and sharing it through my social media platforms. Mobile living made easy. — 17 ­