Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 2 - Page 11

FEATURE — ­ HEATER RANGE BLAST THE WINTER CHILLS AWAY As the temperature begins to drop, it becomes increasingly hard to get out of bed and the wait for the water to heat up before a shower can become unbearable. We can’t do much about the freezing temperatures outside, but there are a multitude of products available in the market that can help you fight the cold. DOMETIC WATER HEATER EBERSPÄCHER DIESEL HEATERS Enjoy hot water at the flick of a switch with this water heater. Efficiently delivering hot water in 30 minutes, the Dometic Water Heater operates o n g a s or electric power sources and even stores energy while you’re driving. It also comes with various protection features such as a high temperature limit switch, which protects the unit from overheating in case of malfunction. Offering automatic room temperature control, the energy efficient Eberspächer Airtronic Diesel Heaters allow you to set and forget. You simply need to program in a desired temperature and the heater will deliver hot blown air until the desired temperature has been reached. Thanks to their low fuel consumption, they’re a great option for those of us who need to run them for long periods of time. Available in both single and twin outlet models, they’re a great companion for life on the road. MORE INFORMATION MORE INFORMATION Mobile living made easy. — 11 ­