Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 2 - Page 13

FEATURE — PRODUCT FAQ Do your air conditioners run on 12V? Our RV air conditioners require 240V AC power, however they can be run via a suitably sized power inverter from 12V supplies. Our truck parking coolers are 24V DC only, however a 12V DC version of the Dometic CoolAir RTX air conditioner will be arriving soon. Which refrigerator works better – 3-way or compressor fridge? Compressor fridges cool down and recover q u i c ke r than absorption fridges after door openings, and have lower power consumption when running on DC or AC power. Whereas 3-way absorption refrigerators have the advantages of running on gas in addition to AC/DC, and have a silent cooling system. Which power source does the 3-way refrigerator operate best on? Good heating efficiency is the goal for optimum 3-way absorption system operation, as it is required to drive the internal chemical reaction/ cycle. 240V AC does it the best, followed by gas, with 12V DC bringing up the rear. What is a suitable air conditioner for my pop top caravan? Fitment of a rooftop unit to a pop top is possible depending on the strength of the lifting mechanism used by the manufacturer. In general, only the lighter of the models are recommended (such as the Dometic FreshJet FJ2200 or the Dometic Aircommand Sparrow). The other option is fitment of an under bunk air conditioner (like the Dometic Aircommand Sandpiper). This is suitable as these are located at floor level. How do I clean my Dometic window? To clean the window, only use warm soapy water consisting of dishwashing liquid (mild solution) and plenty of water. This cleaning solution can be used for the window blade and rubber gasket that rests against the blade - do not wipe the windows dry. How do I clean my awning fabric? 1. To clean the awning fabric, create a cleaning solution by mixing ¼ cup of dish soap with ¼ cup bleach to 19 litres of water. • Please note: Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners, mildew removers or hard bristle brushes on awning fabric. 2. Liberally drench open awning fabric with the cleaning solution. 3. Close the awning and allow the solution to soak in for 5 minutes, then open the awning again. 4. Thoroughly hose off top and bottom of the fabric with clean water. • Please note: Cleaning solution must be removed completely from the awning fabric. If the solution is not completely rinsed off the bleach will degrade the awning fabric. 5. Allow awning to dry thoroughly before stowing. • Please note: Never close awning for storage when wet. The combination of moisture and dirt can result in mildew, discolouration and stains. Mobile living made easy. — 13 ­