Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 15 - Page 25

It began with a full engine rebuild . Once she had her new heart , it was time to fix up the gearbox , suspension , fuel pump and the list goes on . After all of that , the fun began . Stella ’ s interior was a blank canvas , ready to be painted . It wasn ’ t easy to decide how we wanted the layout- to this day we continue making improvements bit by bit . The more time we spend on the road , the better we get at living in our tiny space .
Our name 75 Vibes came up one afternoon while sitting around with friends chatting about the good vibes from the era of the seventies . Our kombi van being from the year 1975 , we thought up the name 75 Vibes . It had a nice ring to it , and soon after we purchased the license plate to make it official .
Traveling in our kombi has given us a deep appreciation for discovering new places across a variety of landscapes . We feel lucky to have travelled through the lush jungle in North Queensland and down the wide-open planes found in the Aussie outback .
To date we ’ ve travelled 55,000 km around Australia . Every day looks a little different while living on the road but one thing we ’ ve learned for sure is the importance of setting up good routines and healthy habits . Our day usually starts early . Almost as soon as the sun creeps through our window we are up and out of the van . Mornings are our favourite time of the day . We hop out of bed straight into nature . If we ’ re just heading out for a stroll , we bring along our camera and our pup Zenna . We then roll out our kitchen bench to cook up some coffee and breakfast . After this is when we get our work day going . We take a few hours to do any necessary chores ( tidy our living space , do our washing at a laundromat , make bookings , plan our next route ), and work tasks ( check our emails , edit images and videos ). Then we ’ re free to explore . If we ’ ve just arrived to a new location we like to drive around the town to get a feel for the place .
Sunset is a big part of our day . If the weather permits , we will be in a beautiful location flying our drone , setting up a time-lapse , and getting the shot . As photographers , these are the moments we live for . This is what gets us out into the many wild places we get to see . Once night falls , we head back to our camp to sit by the fire , catch up with fellow travellers and break out the guitar . Once our heads hit the pillow , it doesn ’ t take long for us to fall asleep .
The sheer beauty of nature is what calls to us ... It ’ s why we go out and explore . If you ’ ve been thinking about an adventure lately , we say just do it . Now is as good of a time as any .
Mobile living made easy . — 25