Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 15 - Page 24


NOMADIC LIVING WITH 75 VIBES By Tia Carson and Jordan McArthur

We are Tia and Jordy , two nomadic travellers exploring Australia in our Volkswagen Kombi , who we call Stella . For the past two years we ’ ve been collecting memories and snapping digital postcards as we make our way around this land that we call home .

Our journey began in 2015 . I , Tia , grew up in Canada . I had many daydreams of what it would be like to explore Australia . As soon as I graduated high school and had enough money saved , I booked a flight to Sydney . I had big dreams to backpack many countries . I solo travelled for quite some time before meeting Jordy . From the beginning , we would often escape to wild and wonderful places in search of empty beaches and starry skies . Each weekend was a new and exciting adventure . Our passion for van life and nomadic living continued to grow stronger .
Eventually we felt the need to follow the dream that the both of us shared . It became clear that we should quit our jobs and swap our life in the city for a life of adventures . The simple taste of freedom would become our new normal .
The moment we laid eyes on Stella , we knew we had to have her . Stella was built in Germany in 1975 and shipped over to Australia as a tin top . While in Australia she was converted into a camper so she could cruise along our many coastlines and old country roads . When we purchased her in April of 2018 it didn ’ t matter to us that she was missing an accelerator pedal or that she only bunny hopped down the road . Most of our friends thought we were crazy , but only Jordan and I truly understood the dream which was about to change everything . Now four years on we have almost completely rebuilt our old girl from the ground up .
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