Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 15 - Page 16

When Sheldon and I first got together , we went on a pretty cool Queensland road trip where Sheldon took me 4-wheel driving to Fraser Island and Moreton Island . We had originally planned for a week-long trip , but we ended up spending almost 3-weeks exploring and enjoying ourselves . That really lit a fire for our love of camping and the endless journeys and places that are out there to be explored .
I ’ d love to go back to Fraser Island . Having the biggest sand island in the world on our doorstep to go and explore is super special . The amount of landmarks and locations to check out while there is breathtaking . Having kilometres of beautiful beaches with many inland freshwater lakes is something I ’ ve never experienced .
Since then , we ’ ve really got together all the right gear for any kind of journey we desire , whether that ’ s going to an island or inland camping . That ’ s the beauty of having such comfortable and easy products to you and why we have fallen in love with the outdoors so much – how easy you can make it and the places you can explore with loved ones .
Last year we also ventured to North Stradbroke Island with some friends . We took Jetskis ’ s , electric bikes , surfboards , fishing rods and had an epic few days . We would drive along the beach and look for some fun waves to go surf . Once we were tired of surfing , we would launch the Jetski and go and catch some fish . We were having such an epic time just hanging out at the beach all day in beautiful weather , catching and cooking fresh fish up on a fire and just enjoying each day with good company . To us , that ’ s what it ’ s all about . Enjoying epic days out and having a blast exploring the outdoors with friends . Definitely a place we would love to get back to this year .
‘ Mobile Living Made Easy ’ means that even for someone that is inexperienced , only goes camping once in a blue moon , or are a young female like myself just getting into the whole camping program , these products are designed to make everything super easy , and mobile for anywhere anytime . I used to watch Sheldon set everything up but with Dometic ’ s range of products it can be as simple as a press of a button , opening out the awning and popping opening a camp chair and bench seat .
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