Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 14 - Page 9


Not all campsites are dog friendly around Australia , so the ones that are , can easily be found using certain camping apps such as WikiCamps or Campermate . These apps allow us to specifically search for dog friendly camps and areas where they ’ re welcome . Depending on each individual campground , they usually have certain rules in place whether dogs need to be restricted / on leash at all times or if they can enjoy being off leash .
Planning ahead and keeping an open mind comes in handy when we ' re traveling to areas where dogs are prohibited . We ' ve found that most major National Parks will have dog friendly accommodation outside or nearby . Some where we ' re able to set up and leave him safely at camp . If not , our best solutions are finding dog kennels or sitters close by so we ' re able to drop and pick him up without having to travel long distances in between . Friends , family and even strangers have been kind enough to care for Bowie while we have also gone and enjoyed quality day trips . Bowie ' s health always comes first in situations like this so understanding our dog and what surroundings work for him is in our best interest . We know his limits and what keeps him healthy and happy .
If we ' re out of options - we simply skip it . It ' s not a big deal for us and if anything , it encourages us to eventually go back one day . Whether you have a dog or not , sometimes there are places you end up having to miss . From experiencing car problems to violent weather , bushfires or flooding , these wild lands follow a natural cycle of extreme climates . It ' s unfortunate at times but life goes on .
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