Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 14 - Page 8



We ' re Monique & Jasper - A couple who seek endless adventures across Australia and live between the ocean and the open road . Curious for new experiences , we took a chance to follow our dream and live a little out of the ordinary . Our passion is to explore the wide open spaces of our homeland , embracing the changing seasons and camping amongst Mother Nature ' s wild landscapes .

Forever wandering in our Troopy , we love to capture the incredible places Australia has to offer and the little moments that often go unseen . Specifically sharing our memories through photography and personal expression , we hope our stories inspire others to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the natural beauty this country has to offer .
Before our adventures began , we ' d heard numerous times about how ‘ difficult ’ it would be to travel with a dog throughout Australia and that we would be extremely limited . There is over 500 National Parks in Australia , so it ' s understandable why majority of travellers believe it ' s too challenging to bring along their pooch .
Well , we accepted the challenge with little to no information about traveling Australia with a dog and over years of exploring together , we ’ ve learnt how to successfully take Bowie on our adventures . These days we enjoy sharing our lifestyle to aspiring or fellow travellers and encourage them to take along their furry friend .
Everyone ’ s experiences of traveling with a dog are different . It all depends on the age of your dog , the breed , personality , health and so on . With Bowie ' s love for the open road starting as a puppy , he ’ s grown up in this adventurous lifestyle from a young age .
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