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Consumers should not try to service their own products , and in particular gas products . ( Unless they themselves are qualified ) We recently saw a caravan at our Dometic service centre on the Gold Coast in which the owner had attempted to service the gas system of the 3-way refrigerator themselves . In doing so , trying to clean around the burner and in the flue , they inadvertently dislodged the gas jet , so when it was next run on gas , a flamethrower effect occurred which scorched from the bottom vent to the top vent of the caravan . Luckily ( in this case ) they were able to extinguish the flames and the damage was superficial . Once again , some things are best done by specialists .
Despite it being a hot day , setting an airconditioner to the coldest setting does not make the vehicle cooler any quicker . All that does it make it harder for the airconditioner to get to the shutdown point and depending on the ambient temperature , it may not actually be able to get to that shutdown / cycle point . If it is mid thirties outside , you will find that 22 or 23 degrees should be wonderfully comfortable in the van , and modern airconditioners should easily achieve that if installed properly . Make sure that you clean the filters regularly and at least once each year have the condenser blown out so that the airconditioner can work efficiently when you need it . Even when the van is not used for a period of time , condensers can become dirty or have things such as mud wasp nests appear on them which restricts performance . Get this and the refrigerator condenser cleaned regularly to get best performance from them .
If you have an older airconditioner that is not inverter equipped , the noise of the compressor starting and stopping throughout the night can be annoying . Think about upgrading to an inverter equipped model that the compressor slows down and speeds up as required rather than clunking on and off ; all current Dometic models are inverter equipped and for those who have used them , have proven to be much quieter overall and very efficient .
12 volt water pump : Most good pumps have a pre-filter fitted to ensure only clean water is pumped through your vehicle . It is easy to forget to clean this filter . Find where your pump is and have a look , most are see-through and easily cleaned . When having your caravan serviced this should be a standard inclusion .
If the pump comes on during the night and you have not turned a tap on or flushed the toilet , it is a good indicator that you have a leak somewhere in the plumbing system and resultant pressure drop which of course causes the pump to activate . Not only are you wasting precious water , you are losing sleep . Have it checked , if it is a small leak and you are on a grassed site you may not see the water on the ground .
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