Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 14 - Page 30



We understand that using a new product can be daunting , and encountering an issue with your product can be overwhelming . But don ’ t worry , we ’ re here to help ! We ’ ve answered some of your frequently asked questions . If you have any other questions that you would like answered please contact the Dometic Customer Support team on :

Phone : 1800 21 21 21 Email : customerservice @ dometic . com . au
When having anything serviced in your caravan , try to ensure when booking the service that the work will be conducted by an appropriately qualified and , where necessary , Licenced person . Many RV / Caravan dealers have qualified staff for what is to be done and in the main are able to do most things in a caravan or RV ; but in a lot of cases , 240 volt and gas appliances such as stoves , refrigerators , airconditioners etc should be attended to by a specialist . Some customers get annoyed that they purchase the vehicle from their dealer and feel that the dealer should be able to handle any and all warranty issues on the van , but in reality this is not always possible , depending on the dealer and what staff they do have on hand , it is not realistic to expect that they will have a Refrigeration / airconditioning technician , a Plumber / Gasfitter or an Electrician on staff to conduct the necessary works . Some things are best done by specialists .
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