Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 14 - Page 23

Due to the compact size of most camper trailers , they are designed to be towed to remote locations , away from the crowds . For those who enjoy a bit of privacy and are not a fan of overbooked campsites , a camper trailer could be the better choice . However if you plan on being around other families and wanting to connect to friendly strangers - towing a caravan to your favorite tourist park might be right up your alley ! If you plan to stay at campsites , power will also not be an issue . A caravan is perfect for campers who enjoy the luxury of being able to connect appliances or even watch TV at night , so a connection to power is generally necessary . A Patriot Camper is set-up to go off-grid and has only a few lights and an inverter , allowing you to go anywhere for 4-5 days without recharging and enough power to charge your phones , tablets and other devices . Perfect for those who love to explore some more unconventional off-road destinations and aren ’ t too heavy on the tech they bring with them
Planning travel and camping can be so exciting ... until you face some unexpected complications . Before your purchase , you ’ ll need to consider whether or not your vehicle has the towing capacity that your camper trailer or caravan needs .
While camper trailers are light and generally easier to tow , caravans tend to be trickier . Hauling a large and heavy object behind your car might even be daunting to some . You ’ ll also need to think about your vehicle ' s Gross Vehicle Mass ( GVM ), the maximum weight of your vehicle when fully loaded as specified by the manufacturer . Camper trailers are great for those with vehicles that have less towing capacity . On top of this - don ’ t forget about the dayto-day on the road . A caravan will provide you with more luxury features , but may present challenges when parking in town or stopping for groceries .
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