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We couldn ’ t have done our renovation without Dometic . With so many incredible products and solutions for your van , they have an answer for everything and made our van feel like a home without missing any of the creature comforts from home . Some of the things from Dometic we couldn ’ t live without during our trip are -
• Dust reduction system : If you ’ re planning on taking your van on a lot of unsealed roads like we did , the Dust Reduction System from Dometic will change your life . It literally pressurises your van to stop any dust getting in , keeping the surfaces in your van dust free . It was incredible , especially working with our dodgy windows that often popped open mid-drive . Way less cleaning than we expected and our bed never got dust in it .
• Small slide out kitchen : We had planned our trip for a year of sunny days and summer weather , so we planned to cook outdoors way more than inside the van . The slide out kitchen was the perfect solution , equipped with a cook up , sink , bench and drying area , it was the ultimate outdoor kitchen . Plus , cooking with a view is fun too !
• Saneo cassette toilet : An absolute game-changer , lots of people do this trip without a toilet but it makes life so much easier . We could literally pull up wherever we wanted and didn ’ t have to worry about searching for a bathroom or a place to go at the end of the day . We were grateful we added it more times that we can count .
• The Ibis 4 Air Conditioner : It ’ s simple , we were expecting the days to be HOT . And they were ! The air conditioner was so good at cooling down our little home , and we also used it as a heater when we were travelling through cooler conditions . The Ibis 4 is also very lightweight , quiet when it ’ s being used and great at keeping out the humidity .
Although it might have seemed like a crazy idea in the beginning , we are so glad that we chose a vintage caravan for our travels . We were able to give an old van a new life , really design and create it to be everything we wanted for our journey , and created the perfect light beach house on wheels that we had been dreaming of .
To check out our travel adventures and to help you plan your own , you can also pick up my new book Ultimate Weekends : Australia , which is coming out at the end of October in bookstores and online stores !
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