Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 14 - Page 16




We always had a vision of our van being a very unique one . But somehow we ended up with a very extreme renovation , much bigger and harder than we originally thought , although it was definitely worth it in the end . We found ourselves working through the bitterly cold Melbourne winter nights of 2019 , to transform a vintage Viscount caravan into our dream beach house on wheels , with the intention of living in it for at least a year as we lapped Australia . We stripped it back to almost a complete skeleton with no walls or roof before we started putting it back together . It even had a new chassis built underneath , making it bigger and tougher than ever , ready to tackle all those unsealed remote outback roads we couldn ’ t wait to explore .

We chose our van because of all the windows . The light that poured into it made it feel big and airy , not like we were living in a caravan at all . And of course , because it was cute . I loved the curved roof , the wrap around windows , and the whole shape of the van . We changed the whole inside layout , installed a toilet and a shower , included lots of modern amenities like solar power , a slide-out outdoor kitchen , an air-conditioner that doubles as a heater , an internet booster , and painted a bright pink stripe along the outside . We ’ re impossible to miss on the road .
Although a pesky little pandemic tried to make it quite difficult for us , we did actually get to spend almost a year living in our little van and we absolutely loved it . It quickly felt like home to us . She ’ s been to so many places - from the remote dirt roads and long intense drives , to camping in some of the most beautiful places , on beaches , river banks , mountain ranges and gorges .
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