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What ’ s the best time to go fishing ?
The honest answer is that each species is different and it depends on how technical you want to go .
There are so many factors that come into play with fishing such as tides , moon phases , dark vs daylight , water temperature – the list goes on !
I recommend to start learning about the tides as a lot of fish species feed on certain tide times .
For example , squid fishing around the tide change can be very successful in strong tidal areas , whereas when you ’ re fishing for whiting you don ’ t want the slow tide , you actually want the opposite where the water is moving fast .
Day and night time fishing will depend on what you are fishing for and a good example of this is if you are chasing gummy sharks and school sharks off the beach by surf fishing . I strongly recommend fishing in the night hours as they come into the beaches to feed in the darkness . Trout is another fish who like to feed early morning and into the late arvo before the sun goes down at certain times of the year .
Are there different considerations I should take into account when fishing in saltwater as opposed to freshwater ?
Definitely ! With salt water fishing , you don ’ t have to be as patient as when you ’ re in fresh water .
I get some days in fresh water where the fish can be nearly jumping in the boat but on an average day in my experience , it ’ s easier to actually catch fish in salt water than it is in fresh . In saying that , it can be very rewarding to the angler in freshwater after putting a lot of effort in to catch their first trout .
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Are there any rules I should know before I head out ?
Before you head out for your first catch , I strongly recommend getting an understanding of the rules and regulations for the area you are fishing as each state has its own guidelines with licensing and fish size / bag limits .
You can also speak to a local who is familiar with the area to increase your chances . This could be a local tackle store or even the guy working at the servo you buy bait from .
Are there fishing tactics I can try ?
Don ’ t forget there are some great operations around the country that do professional guiding , whether it ’ s on your boat or on land . Charter boats will take you for a day out fishing and tell you about the area and what techniques work best for the area you ’ re in .
So go grab yourself a rod , a bag of pillies or worms and get outdoors and give fishing a crack as it ’ s something I love doing as well as many other anglers around our beautiful country .
Hopefully I ’ ll see you out on the water sometime soon !
Cheers Red ( Aaron Habgood )
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