Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 14 - Page 10

Bowie has the freedom to roam and wander but also knows that our Troopy is where he can feel safe . Being a loyal dog , he is usually by our side and never wanders too far when off leash . Australia can be a dangerous place , especially for a small dog so we ' re always on high alert for anything that could harm him . Researching areas before visiting is a good way for us to understand what we need to look out for .
The biggest threats to a dog ’ s life on the road can be anything from 1080 Poison Baits to deadly snakes , ticks , dingoes , crocs and cars . Don ' t ignore signs especially when you ' re in vulnerable areas , they are there for a reason . We always keep Bowie on a lead if we are near areas with any of these threats and make sure he isn ' t eating anything lying on the ground . He is also prevented from ticks and fleas with regular treatments on the road as well as his vaccinations at the vet for specific diseases .
Being a cross between King Charles Cavalier and Toy Poodle , Bowie ' s breed is admired for having a coat that doesn ' t shed hair , making it easy for us to travel with him in the car . Although Bowie ' s hair never sheds , grooming needs to be done on a rather regular basis . If you don ’ t have a good water setup on the car , public taps , beach showers and doggy wash basins at the self-serve carwash are still a great way to keep your pooch clean . We ’ ve just invested in a good set of dog clippers but have also groomed him with good old scissors ! There ' s plenty of time to kill when you ’ re living on the road so we don ’ t mind filling in a couple of hours with his haircuts every couple of months .
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