Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 14 - Page 29

Did you find the structural air tubes to be sturdy enough ?
One of the concerns I had was if the air tubes would be sturdy , but they were absolutely perfect . We had strong wind there one day and they didn ’ t budge .
What is the tent like inside and how did you find the size for you and your family ?
My wife and kids loved the inside of the tent . We couldn ’ t believe how big it was . Felt like a bit of luxury compared to other tents I ’ ve been in ! There was only four of us in the six person tent . I don ’ t think we could have enough kids to fill the tent though . It ’ s so spacious !
How did you go with the pack away ?
I was nervous about the pack down because you always hear about how annoying packing up is . There are 4 air tube valves and all I did was unscrew those and the tent collapses in on itself . I couldn ’ t remember how I unpacked it or what the fold technique was so I folded it in half and rolled it up . It fit so easy into the bag and off I went . I seriously can ’ t believe how easy it made the camping experience for me and my wife usually that ’ s the most stressful part !
Would you ever go back to a poled tent ?
I could never go back to a poled tent . I have one in the garage that won ’ t be coming back out !
Would you recommend this tent to others / who do you think it would be suitable for ?
I would recommend this tent for families and any bloke who is trying to get their misses to come and see the beauty of camping ! This tent is a winner !
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