Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 13 - Page 19

We surprised a lot of people with the destinations we travelled to which included outback NSW and QLD as well as the tip of Australia ( Cape York ). During this trip we could easily go days without seeing anyone , it was such an amazing feeling - we love nothing more than to drive along a dirt road and have it all to ourselves . This trip really put our lives into perspective and made us realise that we wanted to continue our adventures across Australia .
After our time on The Block we worked so hard to renovate our house over three years . We literally did not stop - there were no holidays , every spare minute and dollar was spent on building our home . We ’ ve put in the hard yards and now it ’ s time for our next chapter , living a simpler life on the road and showing our daughter the true beauty of Australia !
How long are you planning to be on the road for ? What destinations are you planning to visit ?
The goal is to be on the road for 12 months , although with COVID we really can ’ t plan too much , but we ’ re happy to just go with the flow . In saying that , we definitely have some epic adventures on our bucket list . We ’ re aiming to cross / camp all 10 of the Australian deserts and tick off some of Australia ’ s most iconic 4WD tracks in our 2WD Kombi !
What are your favourite parts of vanlife ?
We just love the simplicity and freedom that vanlife brings . One of our most favourite things to do is wake up in the dark , get the fire started , boil the billy and sip on a steaming cup of coffee while we listen to the wildlife wake and watch the sunrise . We pretty much do the same routine when the sun goes down - but with a mug of wine .
Another part that really excites and motivates us is the amazing like-minded people we meet on the road . You never know who you will bump into and some of our fondest memories are not actually destinations , but people .
Finally , living in a small space means less stuff and you quickly realise that you don ’ t need much to be happy . Our focus is on experiences and being together , rather than objects or material things .
Mobile living made easy . — 19