Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 12 - Page 8

Image credit : Max Taylor Offroad couplings will improve your towing experience .
This is a no-brainer and , frankly , it ’ s easy for the caravan manufacturer to score a pass on this measure . There is no shortage of offroad couplings available . Look for a coupling that provides 360 degrees of articulation on both the horizontal and vertical axes – this range of motion will allow the caravan to traverse the terrain ‘ independently ’ of the tow vehicle .
The internal furniture of a genuine offroader will have been built with the rigours of that kind of touring in mind . Cabinetry made of MDF won ’ t cut it . Twelve-millimetre ply that has been glued and screwed is a minimum , and the manufacturer would hopefully have reinforced the cabinetry where appropriate . Pay attention to things like door hinges and latches . Do they appear strong or flimsy ? How has the microwave been secured ? Will the ensuite door stay open ( or closed ) as the van traverses undulations ?
Check that the interior of your van is suitable for offroad trips .
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