Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 12 - Page 4



Image credit : Sean Scott Photography

Sean Scott is one of Australia ’ s most wellknown photographers , whose highly accredited work is held in the homes and hearts of many Australians .

After a year of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions , Sean is taking the opportunity to explore our beautiful country in a van . Here , he shares some of the breathtaking images he has captured on his trip and answers our questions about life on the road .
Image credit : Sean Scott Photography
What parts of Australia are you exploring ?
I am driving right around Australia , but I have been focused mainly on the Savannah Way in the Northern Territory , and now I ’ m in Western Australia . I ’ ll be exploring the entire Western Australia coastline , then travelling back across the Nullarbor and then home .
How long have you currently been travelling ? How long are you planning to make your trip in total ?
I ’ ve been on the road for six weeks now . We ’ ll be away for 14 weeks in total .
Who are you travelling with ? How is it going ?
My videographer Luke is joining me on the road . It ’ s been an amazing trip so far with loads of epic scenery . My son and his mates will be joining me soon for two weeks around the Coral Coast which I am really looking forward to .
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