Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 12 - Page 29

Stay away from commercial window cleaners , methylated spirits , and mineral turpentine – these products might make your acyclic panes sparkle immediately , but they can cause damage .
We recommend using a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in half a bucket of warm water to clean your windows . Use a microfiber cloth if possible , and make sure it is clean and free from any other cleaning chemicals .
How do I power the CFX3 with solar ?
We recommend using a 100W or larger solar panel and a minimum 40Ah battery like the Dometic PLB40 . You need a battery with the panel to store the energy coming from the solar panel and then adjust it to the correct voltage for the CFX3 .
To determine how long the battery will power a CFX3 for , review the CFX3 ’ s average energy consumption per hour ( Ah / h ). This is the amount of energy that will be used in 1hr for the given internal and ambient temperature . Divide your battery ’ s usable capacity ( Ah ) by the CFX3 ’ s average energy consumption ( Ah / h ) to get the number of hours of run time .
To determine the solar panel ’ s power input back into the battery , review the solar panel manufacturer ’ s Amp Output specification to calculate how much input back into the battery you will generate for a given length of time . This is usually between 4-8A max per hour depending on the panel . Plan on roughly 6 hours of sun per day to do your calculation .
What advantages does lithium iron phosphate ( LiFePo4 ) have over other battery chemistries ?
Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have very low self-discharge rate and stable output voltage at 12V . LiFePo4 batteries can deliver much higher energy density in comparison to other chemistries . They are safe batteries and suitable to work in harsh ambient temperature . With the built-in BMS they are self-protected against overcharge , deep discharge and over / under temperature situation . Allows up to 2000 discharge cycle at 80 % depth of discharge . In terms of weight they are lighter than other chemistries make them more suitable for portable applications .
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