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We understand that using a new product can be daunting and encountering an issue with your product can be overwhelming . But don ’ t worry , we ’ re here to help ! We ’ ve answered some FAQS that we ’ ve heard from you . If you have any other questions that you would like answered . Please send them to marketing @ dometic . com . au

What is the best way to clean my RV windows ?
Most RV windows are made from acrylic materials , so care needs to be taken when cleaning them – it ’ s not the same as cleaning your glass windows at home ! Never use harsh chemicals on acrylic windows , particularly alcohol-based products and solvents , as the chemicals can cause the acrylic material to crack . It is important to do everything that you can to avoid causing cracks to your windows . Even very small cracks are detrimental as they can get worse over time and eventually your window blade could need replacing which is a costly exercise .
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