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Your 1991 LandCruiser is constantly being upgraded with the latest modifications and innovations . Do you have any advice for people looking to modify their vehicle for the first time ?
If it ’ s your first 4WD and first time making any modifications , I recommend that you get as handson as possible . Find someone who can help teach you – this might be a friend , or family member , or some good mechanics will let you watch while they work and explain things to you . Learning how certain modifications can make a difference to a vehicle gave me a whole new appreciation for going offroad .
Is there anything that people should avoid when making upgrades / modifications to their vehicles ?
One of the most important things I ' ve learned is not to sacrifice quality to save money – especially in the long run . You end up doing things twice or more and those costs will add up , making any savings that you made redundant . It ' s worth it to save and get the product that will last .
Image credit : Danie Simpson
Image credit : Danie Simpson Image credit : Danie Simpson
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