Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 1 - Page 8

On the Boat with Travel Writer Fiona Harper

What do you do for a living and why do you 
love what you do?
I stumbled into travel writing serendipitously almost 15 years ago while on an extended Australian cruise on our yacht, and have been writing ever since. 
I love the creative process of crafting an interesting story from my travels. I love travelling and am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to visit some amazing destinations as part of the job.

What kind of camping do you like?
I love to get off-road and offshore – the farther away from civilisation the better! Growing up in Western Australia, the towering karri forests around Pemberton instilled a lifelong love for camping in forests with the benefit of pristine, untouched beaches nearby. Travelling by yacht, one of its biggest advantages is the ability to visit uninhabited islands or remote archipelagos. Fiji’s Lau Islands Group, for example, is as far from the island resorts as one can get.

Best tip or advice for when on the water or 
on the road?
Don’t put off a road trip, camping or boating adventure just because everything is not yet 
perfect (ie you don’t have enough money, time, gear etc). Part of the pure pleasure of outdoor adventures is the challenges encountered along the way, how we deal with them, and the ultimate reward of being independent and self-sufficient.

“Don’t put off a road trip, camping or boating adventure just because everything is not yet perfect.”

Best go-to recipe when living mobile?
It’s hard to go past a BBQ when camping or boating. I like to fillet freshly caught fish, dust it with a light coating of seasoned flour and grill on the BBQ with plenty of butter. Serve with lime or lemon wedges accompanied by a glass of sav blanc.

Have you recently embarked on an adventure that you would like to share with all of us?
Much of 2017 was spent cruising the Fijian islands, where we spent a month or so exploring the Yasawa Islands, with the famed Blue Lagoon a favourite place to hang out. I recently travelled through Outback QLD, to Charleville and Eromanga where I learnt about the peril that endangered Bilbies 
find themselves in, along with the extraordinary story that led to the fossil discovery of Australia’s largest dinosaurs.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
2018 will include more South Pacific boating adventures, starting with New Zealand, along with extended road tripping along Australia’s east coast and perhaps even a return to the Aussie Outback.

Is there a Dometic product that has “knocked your socks off” and why?
Yep, the CFX fridge – it’s a game changer! I love the flexibility that comes with being sectioned into two parts with options for using each section as fridge or freezer. Cold drinks and chilled food are assured – an important factor when you spend as much time in the tropics as I do.
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