Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 1 - Page 23

ALWAYS ON THE MOVE DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE PRODUCTS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY WITH THE TRUCK DRIVER IN MIND? Dometic not only specialises in products for camping and RV’s, they have a range of products that are designed specifically to make truck drivers lives a little bit easier. Truck drivers, aka Truckies, spend a lot of time on the road. They often find themselves stocking up on non-perishable items, which often consists of unhealthy foods and drinks. Quick stops at service stations result in a fast food fix to keep up the energy to keep driving – like a sausage roll that’s already heated, don’t mind if I do! But what if they didn’t have to buy the overpriced unhealthy food from service stations, and had the option to lead a bit of a healthier life on the road? T h a t ’s w h e re t h e D o m e t i c M WO 24 t r u c k microwave oven with integrated 24 volt power supply comes into play. Truckies can pack their fridge with wholesome home-made meals to sto ck up their portable fridge/freezer (the D o m e t i c Wa e c o C F X 2 8 f r i d g e / f r e e z e r comes to mind!). They can stop anywhere, grab their meal out of the fridge and chuck it into the microwave to have a delicious hot meal. This microwave oven has three cooking levels and a defrosting function. It’s so easy to use and to clean as it has a firmly integrated ceramic plate instead of the usual turntable. When you build the MWO 24 into the truck cab, it comes with an integrated 24 volt supply so no need for an inverter. Its housing has a truck- specific shape that fits snugly into many storage compartments and the fixing base gives a firm hold for travelling. Truckies can enjoy the pleasure of good, healthy food on the road. How convenient! MORE INFORMATION FIND A DEALER Mobile living made easy. — 23 ­