Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 1 - Page 22

FEATURE – MODERN TECHNOLOGY and let a robotic voice tell you when to turn left, right or take the third exit at the next roundabout? RECOMMENDED “TECHY” PRODUCTS And how does controlling each electrical function of your caravan (even an electric jockey wheel!) by a single app on your tablet or smartphone sound? What some might call the ‘hard work’ of caravanning and camping can be reduced to the push of a button on a glass screen. This is the age we live in. More than anything or anyone else, modern technology has opened remote Australia to the masses, and that includes the technology involved in creating stronger and more suitable RV components, from independent coil suspension, to offroad couplings, fridges, air-conditioners and more. That failed radiator hose which decades ago might’ve had fatal consequences is now, for the most part, a mere nuisance. But it all comes with a warning. In their rush to adopt certain technologies, many RV owners have become reliant on them, taking comfort in microchips and telecommunication signals, unprepared to cope should they find themselves on the side of a remote track with a frazzled satellite phone and an overheated engine. That said, the 21st century remains an interesting time to be an RVer – what technology comes next, where it will lead us and how it will further enhance the RV lifestyle, is a journey almost as exciting as any trip to the outback. DOMETIC HARRIER INVERTER This RV roof air conditioner raises the bar in efficiency and power! Thanks to the Harrier’s inverter technology, the compressor slows down or speeds up as required and in turn reduces energy consumption to the minimum level. The clever inverter technology makes the Harrier excellent for operation with a generator, as start-up current issues are eliminated. MORE INFORMATION DOMETIC RUC8408X REFRIGERATOR This new fridge and freezer for RV’s uses modern technology with a unique user interface TFT display, including customizable functionalities. MORE INFORMATION DOMETIC SINEPOWER MSI 1812T This sine wave inverter turns 12 V battery power into pure 230 V AC voltage, like that of a home power socket. MORE INFORMATION 22 — Image Credit: Sean Scott Photography