Mobile Living Made Easy Australia Issue 1 - Page 17

FISHING TRIP ESSENTIALS FRESHLY SEALED IN THE DOMETIC VACUUM SEALER You can fit more bait and fish in your icebox if you vacuum seal it into an airtight package! It will last five times longer than refrigeration alone. The Dometic Vacuum Sealer is light weight and really easy to use. It runs off both 12V and 240V AC power, so plug it into the boat or your portable battery pack, or wait until your back to some power in the kitchen to get your food nicely packaged up. You can get 8” or 11”. Don't waste any more valuable fishing time without these essentials and buy one today! KEEPIN’ IT COOL WITH DOMETIC COOL ICE CI ICEBOXES What’s a great fishing trip without some ice cold drinks and somewhere to store your bait and catch? These Dometic Cool Ice CI icebox are the perfect solution when power isn’t available and the ice can last for days. The new series of iceboxes come with a range of optional extra accessories that help improve comfort while travelling – including a fishing rod holder, bottle opener and drink holder. You can add to the luxury with a seat cushion that attaches easily to the top of the icebox and saves you having to bring that extra seat along. There’s also baskets and dividers available to help organise your food and drinks; TIP: avoid contamination by placing your fishing bait in one section and your lunch in another.  DOMETIC.COM FIND A DEALER Mobile living made easy. — 17 ­