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You don ’ t have to feel cooped up in your caravan or motorhome to cook all of your meals when you ’ re out on the road . Sometimes you just really want to enjoy the outdoors that little bit more .
A must for every RV , the Dometic Slide Out Kitchen has everything you need to prepare and cook your meals including a 3-burner cooktop , sink and bench top . It also conveniently has a large amount of storage space for all of your dining and cooking equipment .
Dometic have put a lot of time and research into designing and developing this product for the RV market . You are sure to be impressed by some of its features ! It ’ s built with a modular aluminium construction that is approximately 40 % lighter than similar units in the market – making it easy to slide out and reduces the RV ’ s total weight ( something we are all constantly striving for and must do to comply with weight requirements ). The Slide Out Kitchen is made out of aluminium and stainless steel construction that allows it to have a high resistance to corrosion - which is always a good thing when you ’ re RV is subject to all weather conditions during you ’ re trips .
Truly an Australian product , the Dometic Slide Out Kitchen is designed and manufactured in Australia . It is made to be compatible with all popular access doors , includes heavy duty rails and is height adjustable so there shouldn ’ t be any issues when getting this fitted into your RV .
To make this an even more fantastic product , you have the option of purchasing a range of accessories to maximise the functionality of the Dometic Slide Out Kitchen , including a BBQ plate , serving tray , chopping board , cup holder , bottle opener and utensil holder . You can seriously have it all in your outdoors kitchen and completely lap up you ’ re surroundings whilst cooking your next meal . Who wouldn ’ t want that !
The Dometic Slide Out Kitchen was a winner of the 2018 iF Design Award , a world-renowned design prize . 63 independent experts from all over the world were impressed by the Slide Out Kitchen ' s versatile functionality and lightweight aluminium construction . For 65 years , the iF Design Award has been recognised as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design .
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