MMA’s Manufacturing Agenda 2020-21 | Page 17

MMA ’ s Manufacturing Agenda 17
Policy principles to support a competitive manufacturing sector . Michigan must :
■ Utilize the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline to ensure critical energy resources are available to Michigan manufacturers and citizens
■ Expand broadband capabilities to Michigan ’ s northern lower and upper peninsulas to provide high speed communications and data transmission for small- and medium-sized manufacturers
■ Secure federal and state funds to rebuild and replace key infrastructure facilities throughout the state
■ Support a strong and vibrant freight railroad network as critical infrastructure in the manufacturing supply chain and the delivery of finished goods across North America and the globe
■ Ensure Michigan ’ s natural resources and raw materials remain a source of economic growth
Specific Actions for Leaders :
■ Support the plan for the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline to ensure these critical energy resources are available to manufacturers and citizens for the state of Michigan .
■ Work with legislative leaders on efforts to preserve and strengthen Michigan ’ s mining and natural resource industries .
■ Support legislative efforts to modernize and update Michigan ’ s aggregate mining statute .
■ Prohibit local or state tax on food , including water .
■ Appropriate funds and encourage federal action for critical infrastructure for transportation of raw materials , food products and finished goods into and out of Michigan .
■ Support responsible efforts to expand broadband capabilities to increase the competitiveness of smalland medium-sized manufacturers in rural areas .

100 % of Michigan-Mined Iron Ore Passes through the Soo Locks Annually

$ 500.4 billion worth of iron ore is shipped through the Locks each year .

An average of 80 million tons of cargo moves through the Locks each year .

Source : Michigan Department of Transportation mimfg . org
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